Pinnacle Suspension

Suspension services


When we REBUILD your suspension, we disassemble, completely clean and inspect all of your fork and shock components, micro polish your fork tubes and shock shaft, inspect and measure the service limits of all your parts and components. We then replace all worn or damaged parts and components, replace all the fatigued valving shims in stock configuration (standard valving configurations are retained if your components have previously been revalved). Your suspension components are then reassembled using the best parts and oils available and your clickers are set for you. If your suspension has previously been revalved by us, we provide continued support and updated valving settings at no extra cost when they are being rebuilt.

$139.95- Fork Rebuild

$119.95- Shock Rebuild

*springs, parts and coatings are not included and are an added expense.   




When we RE-VALVE your suspension, we personalize your Forks and Shock to your specific skill sets and needs. Every rider is different in their weight, height, ability, individual preferences, terrain ridden and desired performance and our Re-valve service will transform your suspension from the “one size fits all” OEM setting to a system that works for you and will do everything that you need it to do. Our Re-valve service includes our rebuild service along with tuning, modifying and re-engineering your internal dampening system, necessary precision machining or TIG welding, our HPR series of fork and shock oils, fork tube and shock shaft micro polishing, selecting and changing the springs to the appropriate rate, replacing all worn or damaged components and setting your clickers for you.

$239.95- Fork Re-valve

$219.95- Shock Re-valve

*springs, parts and coatings are not included and are an added expense.   



We can lower most forks and shocks from 1”-5” and is highly recommended for riders with shorter inseams or Flat track racing. We can set your bike up so that it’s comfortable and balanced while you’re riding your bike. With in-house precision manufacturing capabilities, we design and manufacture all of the components to lower your suspension in house. We custom make the necessary components to lower forks and shocks for each customer and their specific needs and desires. This service is 100% reversible and we don’t do anything that limits your ability to return your bike back to the stock height later on. With so many variables and options, cost is assessed on an individual case. If you are interested in having your suspension lowered, e-mail or call us for an accurate quote.



We offer a full line or works coatings and refurbishing coatings for your suspension components. From friction reduction and performance coatings like DLC, Titanium Nitride, TICN-MP, Kashima, and MIL-A-8625 Type III Hard anodizing to Repair coatings like Hard chrome, MIL-A-8625 Type II anodizing, powder coating and Zinc plating. With so many variables and options, cost is assessed on an individual case. If you are interested in any works/specialty coatings, e-mail or call us for an accurate quote.

M-R Coatings

We offer our M-R coating services for all steel, magnesium, titanium and aluminum parts. It is a thermally cured phenolic coating that utilizes molybdenum disulfide to create a hard, durable, chemical and a heat resistant state-of-the-art finish that is a high performance replacement for powder coating, Type I anodizing and black oxide or for anyone looking for that factory works part look. It is available in magnesium brown, black, machine grey and gun metal grey.

$150.00- pair of hubs

$75.00- triple clamp set

$75.00- engine case (each) 

​$50.00- clutch or ignition cover

$40.00- brake hanger, water pump cover, misc small parts

*rims, spokes, bearings, seals, labor for removal and installation of any components, cleaning and wheel lacing is not included    


**Components that are delivered too dirty to work on are subject to a $25 per item cleaning fee. 

***Any suspension components that the customer elects not to repair are subject to a $50 disassembly and oil disposal fee.

**** Any package a customer sends COD or postage due is subject to a $50 fee on top of the amount owed for pick up or retrieival from the courier.