With in house manufacturing capabilities, we are able to design and make parts that normally don't exist outside of R&D divisions at the factories or race teams. We can make and design all the parts necessary to making your suspension work as efficiently as possible or do things that are often thought of as not feasible. From engineering, designing, developing, prototyping, manufacturing to re-engineering and producing a finished part, we can make the components necessary to achieving your performance goals in house and on time.    


Our Team

What sets us apart from everyone else

M-R coatings

Current turnaround time for M-R coatings is 3-5 days

Finding a solution

Custom machining

Current turnaround time for custom parts is 4-7 days

Rebuilds and Revalves

Current turnaround time for Rebuilds and Revalves is 3-5 days

Pinnacle Suspension was founded in 2008 with the goal of providing the very best and individualized suspension settings and systems available. With everything from local races to national titles won on our systems and testing conducted on a national scale, our team has the experience and knowledge to make your suspension as refined as humanly possible.   


We offer everything from simple oil changes to full blown hand built and engineered suspension systems. We can provide every level and style of riders with a performance solution for their suspension. 

Choosing a suspension tuner can be a bit of a daunting task, we know. Relax. Pinnacle Suspension has the experience, connections, tools  and manufacturing capability to bring your performance expectations in to a reality. 

Pinnacle Suspension

Our individualized suspension systems allow you to do things the factory's never expected you to do. From the 140ft ramps our freestyle riders hit to doing 100+ mph racing supermoto to riding tight single track trails in the mountains. We build and assemble every component and suspension system by hand and we don't mass produce settings, everything is custom made and built for YOU! From oil heights, trapped air volumes, valving components, hydraulic dampening systems and your suspension in a whole is individualy designed and engineered for what YOU are going to do.      

  • Fork and Shock Rebuilds
  • Fork and Shock Revalves
  • Works coatings and parts
  • Suspension springs and wear parts
  • In house manufacturing solutions to solve even the most complex engeneering or performance problems